Two transatlantic friends make moot observations of the world around them.

S2:E4 – Space, Interplanetary Colonization, and the End of Everything

Joe and Jeremy discuss some basic ground rules for colonizing Mars, communicating with aliens, and the far recesses of our known universe.

It would be really easy to peg us as conspiracy theorists after this episode, but we are totally reasonable and rational peo.. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE! I WANT TO BELIEVE!!!

If you're curious, check out the Drake Equation: N = R*f(p)n(e)f(l)f(i)f(c)L

See? Didn't you learn a lot right there?

Note from Joe: I was totally off about the mushrooms, by the way - they are definitely illegal in Norway (it just doesn't seem to stop anyone from picking them). Remember kids; always be skeptical when you hear some hippie say "in tune with nature" because that's a red flag!

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